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Shaagra was a Tzimisce Methuselah who rested under the city of Prague.


Fertility goddess, warleader, and shaman of the Slavic tribe known as the Vroi, Shaagra drove them west, freeing them from their servitude to a greater clan and elevating her favorite granddaughter, Libussa, to the position of tribal leader.

As the tribe passed through the territory of the Old Country, they stopped to serve the lords for a time. Appreciating Shaagra's intelligence and determination as well as her tribe's loyal service, the Tzimisce Embraced her, binding her to them with a Blood Oath, and sent her forth to claim new territories in their name.

Shaagra ghouled Libussa so that the tribe would never lack a strong leader. The Vroi moved westward slowly, following the path taken by other barbarian hordes before them. They always stopped just long enough for Shaagra to accustom herself to the new lands and gather some of the soil before moving on. Her Blood Oath long since fallen to a distant memory in the sixth century, Shaagra nevertheless mystically sensed her sire's demise.

She helped Libussa settle the tribe in Bohemia, choosing as her haven the location where Prague would one day rise. Shaagra fell into torpor, haunted by feverish dreams about Kupala and served by her descendants. In the late 12th century, Shaagra began to stir, realizing that only Cainite vitae would slake her thirst. She made an "arrangement" with Prince Josef Zvi (who was simply terrified by the monster that had slept under his city for so long) to become involved into Cainite politics again.

She decided to support Vladimir Rustovich from her base in Prague by undermining the Ventrue war efforts within the Holy Roman Empire itself and eventually ousting the Ventrue themselves from their domain. She was, however, tricked by Josef Zvi, who had blood bonded himself to the architect Zelios in order to escape enslavement from the Methuselah. Zvi managed to operate covertly against Shaagra while she believed him to be a subservient vassal.

Shaagra slipped into torpor and only awakened sporadically, and finally met her end during World War II when her haven was hit by a bomb and she burned to ashes.

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