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Sha'hiri was a childe of Haqim and the Eldest of the Assamites for some time.


Not much is known about Sha'hiri but he probably found his childe, Thetmes, working for a wealthy Syrian cloth merchant in the gladiatorial games during the Roman Era.

In the Dark Ages, the reclusive sorcerer Sha'hiri served as the "Old Man of the Mountain" but he did not have an active role in directing nightly affairs, until the legendary Assamite Vizier Nakurtum arrived at Alamut unexpectedly in 1214 and became the first woman to occupy the position of the Eldest of the Children of Haqim.


According to Libellus Sanguinis III, Sha'hiri was described as part of the Sorcerer Caste. However, given that Thetmes from the Warrior Caste, and that castes cannot be changed, and that all Assamite Sorcerers are believed to descend from Ur-Shulgi, this was likely a mistake on behalf of the authors.