When a newly inducted Tremere lich consumes an Awakened soul, their mentor and master requires them to follow a powerful oath to them and their legacy.


"Through me, this soul nourishes the seventh dragon so that His Watchtower rises from the wastes of Paradox. For His Mystery, I swear:

I will not suffer my brethren to preserve me against weakness. If my Arts fail to find me sustenance, let me return to the seventh dragon’s coils.

I will not betray my Legacy or House. I will defend them against enemies and errant friends. I have no tongue to speak our secrets, and no hands for the mudras of treacherous Arts. Let my flesh turn to ash and my mind to red pain if they betray us.

If I am unworthy of a House, I will obey the brethren of a recognized House. If I am of a House, I will obey its princeps. If I am princeps, I will enslave myself to the Mystery.

I will not steal the souls of brethren, nor will I gift souls without demanding fair service. I will not allow avarice or kindness to weaken my Legacy.

I will render payment in souls when it is due, as agreed in sworn oaths. If I an unwilling to do so, I am a traitor; my souls and existence are forfeit. If I am unable to do so, destroy me for my weakness.

I will claim errant parts of the Great Art from lesser Legacies and will subjugate them as Houses of our greater Mystery.

I will erase renegade Arts from the world: those which crawl forth from the Lie and its diverse, inferior beings: vampires, ghosts, low spirits, and the half-Asleep."


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