Seumas is a Seelie Boggan Grump and Chieftain of Clann Wrath.

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Don't chip the plates or break the a glass in the Loch and Lin or Seumas the pub owner will have you slopping his hogs for a week. Seumas expects to be obeyed by his charges and never backs down from a challenge, as is true of most of the clann chieftains. He and his clann stick together and he seems to have a preternatural knack for knowing when someone is in trouble.

Seumas came to know his fae nature late in life; his time as a wilder was very short. He was delighted beyond reason to learn that the "fairy tales" he'd heard all his life were true, to a point. His two sons, Hugh and Rory, are also boggans. Together, they run the Loch and Lin along with a small pig-and-cattle farm. Family, both mortal and fae, are important to Seumas. Only an idiot would hurt one of Clann Wrath and not expect to be buried in dung... or worse.

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Seumas talks loudly and long and if he has to yell to make himself heard over the din of customers or grunting hogs (if there's a difference), so much the better. He acts the stereotypical stingy old man but, truth to tell, you'd give your last pound to someone in need.

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Seumas is short, balding, and stout in both seemings. His hands seem more gnarled and his ears more prominent in fae mien, however. He always wears heavy work pants, thick boots, and a thick sweater, donning an apron in the bar or an overcoat outside.

References Edit

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