Seterpenre is a Setite methuselah, a childe of Set himself, and one of the Hierophants during the Dark Ages.


Next behind Nakhthorheb in power and influence was Seterpenre, Lord of Tinnis. In his mortal days Seterpenre was a powerful sorcerer, serving the elders of Set's tribe.

As the master of the temple of Tanis, he guided the mortal population to build the new city of Tinnis on one of the Egyptian isles, after the original temple was destroyed.

In 1224 CE, he issued a proclamation that more than one-third of the roughly 300 prophecies that Set spoke in 33 CE have been fulfilled.[1]

He was known to be more tolerant of outsiders than his brother Nakhthorheb (who believed all Kindred to be evil and all non-Egyptians as animals). He favored alliances with other Kindred when it suits the purposes of Set. Seterpenre was the architect of the early alliance with the Tremere.

He later fell into torpor and remains in this state in the Final Nights, guarded by members of his Clan.



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