Servius Marius Pustula was one of the disciples of Tanitbaal-Sahar in ancient Rome. One of the first sinners.


According to tales, Pustula was born as a slave to a wealthy patrician family. He was educated and well-treated and should eventually teach the patricians sons everything they should know. Extremly loyal to his master, he was wounded during a battle between two Cainites when he tried to protect the children of his master.

Servius was saved by a Nosferatu who gave him the embrace and told him the truths about his attackers. Mad with rage against the high-blooded vampires, he would have surely destroyed himself in his grief and anger in a suicidial campaign if he had not met Tanitbaal-Sahar. Under Tanitbaal's tutelage, he channeled his anger by writing satirical poems.

When his mentor disappeared, Pustula and his companion Camilla conspired against those who were enemies of Tanitbaal and Camilla entrusted the Road to Pustula before he fell into torpor. Pustula left Rome and began to preach his Road abroad, winning many new adherents until he too, fell into torpor.


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