Serpent Amphora 1: Serpent in the Fold is a campaign book for the Scarred Lands d20 setting.

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The Cycle Begins
Something stirs in the land of Vesh — something unwholesome. In recent times, a relic of Mormo's destruction was brought to the care of the Vigils, but not without great sacrifice. The servants of the Hag Queen will stop at nothing to get it back - and the only thing that stands between them and the Serpent Amphora is your characters! Are they up to the challenge?
Usable alone or as part of the ongoing Serpent Amphora Cycle, Serpent in the Fold is an adventure for characters of 3rd-4th level. The Cycle begins with The Serpent Ampohora, which is available as a free download on this site.
This Sword & Sorcery™ book is published under the Open Game License and is 100% compatible with 3rd Edition rules and the d20 System.

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