Serenna is one of the al-Amin protected by the Ashirra. In secret, she seeks a way to be free from that sect, joining with the Gehenna cult named the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers.


In life she was a precocious, rebellious young woman. A daughter to a privileged family, afforded a full education and greater liberties than many of her peers, Serenna fought and campaigned for Persia's women's movement. She confesses now that while her aims helped many, she was only acting against her parents, as many children do. In Serenna's case, her actions resulted in her interacting with Tāj al-Salṭanah, Nasir al-Din Shah's daughter, on the subject of emancipation. She got in a little deeper than intended.

Serenna drew the attentions of Red Solomon, who recognized in the young woman a desirable altruism. He lured Serenna away from Persia and "gifted" her the Embrace.

The Ashirra affords Serenna every luxury, but she recognizes a stifling grip, multiplied innumerable times due to the Ashirra's protection only extending as far as its borders. For decades, she has been treated as near to royalty as a vampire may be, but behind every grandiose show of defense is the threat of Final Death should she leave the Ashirra. Solomon did not assist matters, as his protectiveness for his new childe manifested as an obsessive need to have her close by at all times.

Red Solomon supposedly fell afoul of the "Ticktock Man" – a Kindred assassin of infamous ability. Serenna pursued her own path for the latter half of the 20th century. Her ideals of freedom led her to research why vampires spend so much of their potentially endless existence subverting other's aims. Through her initiative, she reached out to a cult of the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers. The Groundskeepers share her view that the Jyhad is the Antediluvians' province. She joined the Order to hunt them, becoming one of its most militant members.

Serenna continues serving the Ashirra while pursuing her goals. She loathes those who express worship and admiration for relics of the past, as they often blind themselves to the crimes of their idols. She still strives for a new way, and truth for Kindred, although she is more comfortable with a gun in hand while in enemy territory than with a notepad and pen while in a museum.

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