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Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 1999
    • Dominic LeTarry thinks his sifu might be right. LeTarry's quit his job, since he had to fight to get his paycheck every week. He realizes now he's been sleeping and is just starting to Awaken. He's been teaching at the studio with sifu. He doesn't know for how long, but knows he's got a lot more to learn.[2]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2000
    • Project Utopia announces that it has successfully closed the hole in the ozone layer and introduced CFC-eating bacteria into the atmosphere to prevent continued damage. Project Utopia requests that all UN member states begin transporting toxic and radioactive waste to a collection facility in Siberia for future disposal.[3]
  • 2004
    • Project Utopia opens a special Rashoud facility in Bahrain. Ostensibly designed to assist novas with high levels of quantum buildup,Utopia is given leeway to confine novas considered in need of therapy by the UN as a whole. The facility's opening is not publicized, nor are the media or public allowed on the grounds, though documentaries of its existence soon flood the OpNet.[4][5]

References Edit

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