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Real-life Events

  • 2015
    • Released:
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Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 2003
    • Residents of Los Lunas, New Mexico reportedly witnessed a fiery light show in the skies over their city shortly after midnight. Umberto Reyes, a local resident, claims to have seen three angelic figures fighting "a winged monster" amid the clouds, using "swords and spears of pure lightning." Reyes claims the battle raged directly over his small farm, lasting from midnight until nearly 3:00 AM, until one of the angels "split the monster open and pulled out its heart" with a resounding thunderclap that shook local houses to the foundations. Authorities and emergency services as far away as Albuquerque confirm that a sonic boom shattered windows and knocked items from their shelves at three o'clock that morning, but believe the shockwave was generated by a low-flying military supersonic aircraft. Less easily explained are the cataracts that have stolen Reyes' eyesight and the sudden hair loss that local health officials say closely resembles severe radiation poisoning.[2]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2004
    • The inaugural match of the Xtreme Warfare Federation, XWF, takes place in Madison Square Garden. The XWF is founded in response to increasing public demand for nova sporting events, and decreasing interest in traditional (i.e. baseline) sports. The pay-per-view event brings massive ratings and is carried over the OpNet. Licensing revenues alone top $1 billion in a single year. The initial match is the highest-rated television event of 2004.[3][4]
  • 2006
    • Mike Dawson sends a letter to his parents from school. He tells them that everything's fine, but he's met up with some really cool people who are friends with this girl who's a nova. [5]


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