Real-life Events

World of Darkness

  • 2003
    • WTOJ today broadcasts an intercept from GWNet, in a message from Amy Hundred-Voices. She's met a Mokolé once before, so was considered the "resident expert" at the Sept of the Green. "Even Mother Larissa wasn't too shy to ask my opinion after the messenger had come and gone under flag of truce." Unfortunately, she wasn't much help, and could only confirm that the visitor was fresh from his First Change. He carried a single message: "What must be remembered?"[1]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 2003
    • A terrorist organization sets off an explosion in São Paulo using primitive fusion technology. Over 30 city blocks are leveled, and hundreds are killed. Team Tomorrow-Americas arrives immediately to supply aid and assist in the investigation. Despite repeated reports of nova involvement in the bombing, no one has to date been charged. It is the most expensive attack in history, causing an estimated $20 billion in damage.[2][3]


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