Real-life Events Edit

Classic World of Darkness Events Edit

  • 2003
    • Doctors at the Richmond's Medical College of Virginia are reportedly baffled by the dramatic increase in cases of extreme bipolar depression over the last month. Theorizing a heretofore unsuspected epidemiological cause, local authorities called in the Center for Disease Control, who have uncovered that all patients had visited a common location. The Poe Museum, near the popular nightlife district of Shockoe Slip, had appeared in the dreams of each patient, prompting them to visit the museum. The CDC yesterday closed the museum until it can be fully investigated.[1]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2009
    • Sometime before 10AM local time, Antaeus disappears from the Addis Ababa facility. When he fails to show up for a meeting with Project staff, he is reported missing.[5]

References Edit

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