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World of Darkness Events Edit

  • The Griffin Rodeo. Celebrated in Horizon. Consors ride wild griffins, with the winner getting a pet griffin or the right to judge next year's contest.[1]
  • 2003
    • WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from, regarding Fomori Development and Training Facility #87-001, and how it has been destroyed. Satellite footage reveals that the fomori rebelled and seized control of the arms depot, then proceeded to ignite the facility’s chemical banks, releasing a cloud of poisonous fumes. Approximately 50 fomori have escaped to the nearby town of Burnt Gallows, Texas, and are preventing the local population from fleeing.[2]

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 2002
    • Peter Knorr, leader of the baseline mercenary cadre known as the Wolfpack, is the only survivor of his eight-man unit, sent to fight in Kashmir. His teammates are all wiped out by elites within an hour of entering combat, and Knorr only survives because the stress of fighting for his life causes him to erupt. On returning to his native Britain, he visits the London Rashoud facility, subsequently working as an ecological engineer for a few years before joining Team Tomorrow as "Thorn."[4]

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