The Sept of the Green is a sept in New York City's Central park.


The Sept of the Green is a Fellowship caern currently controlled by the Bone Gnawers. It was originally a Wendigo caern,[1] but the Silver Fangs refounded it in 1855, when the first Imperial Moot was called in North America and held on New York City's Manhattan Island.

During the Imperial Moot, a Rite of Caern Building was enacted, in which the vast number of Garou present supplied an unheard of amount of Gnosis to found the new caern, the Sept of the Green, amidst a city already in the thrall of the Weaver. The revel that followed was also reputably impressive.[2]

In 1856, the government of New York City set aside an 800-acre area on Manhattan Island for a park, reasoning that the area was impossible to bring business into.[2] Construction of Central Park began in 1858, and continued through 1874. The two most responsible for the design and process, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, are two unknowing Kinfolk, whose designs permitted the Sept of the Green to survive the transition.[2]

The Silver Fangs lost control of the caern during the Great Depression, and it came under Bone Gnawers control, but currently all tribes are welcome. The caern has two totems. Mera is the original totem and is associated with water. The Great White Mouse is the secondary totem and is associated with strength in numbers.

In modern nights, the sept is led by Mother Larissa, while Spotlight is the caern warder.


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