The Sept of Bygone Visions is a powerful Black Fury caern. In 1832, Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords attacked and burned the Mainland Villa allied to the Sept of Bygone Visions, but failed to reach the island Ecube where the caern itself is. Instead, they died on the passage to the island itself as the Wave Riders (water spirits) drowned them before they could reach it. Its totem is Themis the Dreamweaver.[1] In 1868, a Get of Fenris Theurge stole several fetishes from the caern and was in turn slain by the Black Furies, resulting in the caern being closed off to outsiders. The visions associated with the caern stopped at this time, and did not return for a hundred years.[1] During the Nazi occupation of Greece, Iona Kinslayer gained respect by battling the Germans and saving the caern from the Wyrm.[2] Teiresias has bound spirits to this caern.[3] It is located on the island of Ecube, which is also called Miria.[4]


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