A sept is a group of werewolf packs organized around a caern.


The group of Garou who live near and tend an individual caern is called a Sept. This community of werewolves defend the caern from the forces of the Weaver and Wyrm, other supernatural threats, and the incursions of humanity in general.

The caern the sept protects may have a different name from the sept itself, but it is more common that they share the same name. A sept may also be part of a larger protectorate. A sept can consist of only a few werewolves, barely enough to make a single pack, or a dozen or more packs. Septs are usually dominated by one or two tribes of Garou, with a few representatives from allied groups.

There are various official positions at the sept, such as Warder and Gatekeeper, the most important of which are full time positions that are usually reserved for elder Garou. In large septs, these figures will have entire packs of Garou at their disposal to help them with their tasks.

Other sept positions only have duties to tend to during the monthly moot, which may be split amongst the various members in a large enough group. In small septs, these lesser positions will often be held by less powerful Garou, or elders will hold multiple lessers offices. In truly tiny septs, some positions may go completely unfilled.

Septs also contain a Council of Elders who lead the sept during times of peace.

Official positions


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