Sennuwy is one of the Kindred who follow the new Succubus Club in its wanderings and acts as a promoter for the Club.


Sennuwy was born among the urchins of Cairo and was Embraced by Ghivran Dalaal and his Cult of the Dead God to fulfill his pleasures and serve him as an agent. Her main tasks were to obtain new vessels and attract new followers for Dalaal's sybaritic tastes. She used this to wreak vengeance on people who had crossed her during her lifetime. But when the last of her nemeses had died, she found the unlife in the company of her sire extremely dull, understanding that she had been governed by her past and used by a fool. She left her sire in a pilgrimage of self-discovery, seeing various supernatural creatures on her travel, and eventually came to the conclusion that unlife was what she made of it. But after she had embraced cause after cause and did not find fulfillment in them, she abandoned her search and gave herself to a jaded unlife of pleasure and excess. Lately, she follows the reinvented Succubus Club in its course.


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