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The Second Inquisition Sourcebook is an upcoming sourcebook[1] for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition that will cover the Second Inquisition, the tactics they employ to hunt Kindred, and the many facets of the organization from the FIRSTLIGHT initiative to the Society of Leopold.


From the Renegade Game Studios product page:[2]

The secret Church and the hidden State, hunting the hunters in cities and across continents.
An antagonists’ guide to the rising Second Inquisition, this book contains:
  • Opponents of your Kindred, and their special forces and equipment
  • Information on the fires rising against the world’s vampires, stoked by the Society of St. Leopold and the American FIRSTLIGHT black program
  • New tools to expand your chronicles, including eldritch Artifacts, dozens of dangerous antagonists, and the tactics your coterie can use to fight back


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