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The Second Generation are the direct progeny of the First Vampire, Caine himself. Elioud scholars of the Tal'Mahe'Ra refer to these Second Generation vampires by the Ghemalish word Iryi, which means "Watchers".


The most widely acknowledged version of the Book of Nod claims the number of second Generation Kindred is three. In its chronicles, Caine Embraced these unknowable Ancients to dwell with him in his great city of Enoch and give him succor.

Some accounts agree on the names of Zillah, Irad and Enoch, though the last name is frequently referred to as Enki. These childer of Caine carried out their unlives in the First City, and presumably they sired the Third Generation of Antediluvians, but nothing is known of them after their childer rose up against them in the final nights of the First City. Perhaps the Second Generation perished in the Deluge, or at the hands of their childer, no one knows for sure.[1]

Vampire lore traditionally names three vampires of the Second Generation: Enoch, the Wise (Caine's advisor) [2], Irad, the Strong (Caine's general)[3] and Zillah, the Beautiful (Caine's wife).[4][5]

There also seems to be some debate as to whether or not the Crone, from the Book of Nod, is also of the Second Generation.

Second Generation Bloodline

2nd Gen. 


Enoch, the Wise

Irad, the Strong

Zillah, the Beautiful

The Erciyes Fragments

The Erciyes Fragments list the following vampires, of what it says, are Second Generation:


  • An alternate interpretation, professed by the Toreador, is that there were a pair of lovers, embraced by Caine. They committed suicide soon after the embrace because they could not have children together. [6]
  • The Assamites speak of the King and Queen of Enoch who were embraced by Caine; they were slain, and Haqim used their vitae to give himself the Embrace. The clan believes that Haqim himself was of the Second Generation, having diablerized the king and queen.[7]
  • The Ravnos also say that their progenitor was the "favored childe of Caine".
  • Interestingly, some Gangrel scholars have evidence of a pre-Alexandrian inscription that was found deep within an empty, tomblike cave on the shores of the Caspian Sea that referred to a "Spider King" and a "Tiger Queen" whom they speculate to be Ravana (Ravnos) and Ennoia. They both lived in "The First City" of Enoch, who were perhaps lovers (or even siblings), that eventually started warring against each other.[8]
  • The Baali vampire Angra Mainyu claimed in the text Distrustful Dreams that Caine had five childer, not three.[9]
  • The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal'Mahe'Ra cites ten Second Generation vampires, seven of whom had departed to Lilith's garden realm D’hainu; two who went to D'hainu are named: Aretstikapha and Azaneal.[10]


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