Sebel-el-Mafough Whash ("The Path of the Voracious Beast") is a text of Babylonian magic containing spells useful for combating the Nephandi.

The earliest known version of the Whash was thought to have been composed in 460 CE by two members of the Ahl-i-Batin named Rabbinath and Decimus based on their experience fighting Nephandi in the Middle East. This was rendered into Latin as the Malleus Nefandorum circa 750. However, in 1999 Dr. Winston Brown and his apprentice Bryan discovered much of the text dated back to ancient Babylon, and located clay tablets documenting additional magical techniques not recorded by the Batini. Brown used this version to summon Ea, the Babylonian god of magic, who taught him a number of useful incantations. In return, Brown promised to take Ea sightseeing.

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