Seattle is the largest city in Washington and a tech industry hub. It is also the side of several splinter timelines, a result of a mysterious God-Machine project. Demons find Seattle is safer than most cities, and angels are more likely to Fall here than elsewhere.

Demon: Splintered City Edit

Time loops within the splinters, but demons can effect changes that will persist across loops. When someone from a splinter becomes a Stigmatic, they are slowly erased from that reality. While each splinter is linked to a particular geographical section of the city, once a person enters the splinter they have complete freedom of movement within the whole city. Any attempt to leave Seattle from a splinter causes the traveler to loop back around to enter again.

Southwest Quadrant: 1889 Edit

This splinter is a version of Seattle that avoided the Great Fire of 1889, and retains a frontier-town feel. Natives of the splinter believe the year to be 1930, but technology, fashion and culture remains close to the 1890s--there has been no Great War, no stock market crash, etc. The most influential figure in this splinter in Mother Damnable.

Southeast Quadrant: February-December 1932 Edit

This splinter appears to be related to the completion of the U.S. Marine Hospital in Beacon Hill, a major piece of Infrastructure. It is also home to Dizang, an Exile who is determined to return all demons to the God-Machine.

Northwest Quadrant: World's Fair Edit

In the main timeline, this neighborhood is home to the Demons' Republic of Seattle, an Agency run by Comrade West along strict Marxist lines. It is also linked to a splinter timeline of the Century 21 World's Fair, which runs May-October 1962. The World's Fair may have been an enormous occult matrix, but Infrastructure within the splinter works fitfully or not at all.

Northeast Quadrant: Y2K Edit

The last splinter timeline runs from July 1999 to January 2000, and represents a world in which the Y2K bug resulted in a major global disaster. In the main timeline, this has been corrected by the angel Y2K, but within the splinter this angel Fell and refuses to serve his intended purpose.

East Side Edit

While not linked to any splintered timelines, the area of Seattle east of Lake Washington is significant as a hotbed of the tech industry, and also God-Machine Infrastructure. The Deva Corporation has a campus there.

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