The Seat of Golden Tears is the palace of the Beggar Lord and the headquarters for the Legion of Paupers. Much like Legion itself, the Seat of Golden Tears is constantly shifting and changing as new wraiths from all walks of life are added to it.

Few can agree on the exact appearance of the Seat. Many do agree it to be a confusing jumble of architecture, both inside and out. Words that come to mind include "maze", "impossibility", or "funhouse". Many dislike the building, as it lacks the beauty and order many of the other Seats have.

The maze structure of the Seat is representative of the paths many Legion members must take in order to identify the nature of their deaths. Even long-time Paupers are hard-pressed to navigate the complex nature of the palace; most stick to the corridors and places they know and never venture any farther than necessary. The only person who seems to know the layout is the Beggar Lord, and it is quite possible there are a few things about his palace even he may not understand.


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