Sea Bishops are a strange kind of Bygone that were first discovered by fishermen near the Italian shore around the 12th century.


The Order of Hermes theorizes that sea bishops may be related to a mythical race called "tritones", but there is no real evidence of a connection. A creature with fins and a fish-like crest, they are passionate preachers about Christianity and know the Scripture without fail.

The first discovered Sea Bishop was brought before the Pope, who found no fault in his preachings and even praised its learning as exemplary. When the Bishop demanded to be returned to the sea, he was escorted back. The Sea Bishops are dedicated Christians, having difficulties to understand that the fact that they have fins and breathe underwater is as miraculous as the fact that Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of Men. Cosmologically, the creatures occupy an uncertain niche.

They do not seem to practice any sort of magic, nor do they possess technology or social trappings, even though they are otherwise intelligent and communicative. Indeed, they have little desire to impose themselves on their surroundings. Sea bishops show a complete disinterest in human technology and craftsmanship, yet they have an absolute fascination for intellectual and philosophical concepts.

With the following encroachment of the seas, the sightings of Sea Bishops become less and less. While they understand that humanity must be taught the gospel –did Christ not tell that the Lord will provide, so what is the reason behind environmental despoilment- they bid they time in hidden bases beneath the Sea, far away from the stifled Consensus.


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