Scroll of the Monk: The Imperfect Lotus is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition focusing on martial arts in the Exalted world.

Summary Edit

The Imperfect Lotus is a PDF-exclusive (not available in print) Exalted Second Edition supplement to the upcoming release, Scroll of the Monk. Many rare and exotic martial arts are practiced in Creation. Within this tome are enclosed some of the rarest, arts uncommon even compared to their rarified brethren. When your Exalt's back is against the wall and all hope seems lost, these styles' unexpected techniques may be what's necessary to turn the tables. Players and Storytellers intrigued by such esoteric fighting arts should inquire within. A martial arts sourcebook for Exalted featuring eight supernatural martial arts styles, ranging from simple Terrestrial styles to powerful Celestial fighting arts.

Background Edit

The material in this release was cut from the final version of Scroll of the Monk. It was released before the publication of the main book as a sort of "teaser." The Imperfect Lotus was eventually collected and published in The Patchwork Scroll.

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