Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.


Until the fall of the Picts, Scotland was inhospitable to Cainites, since werewolves posed much risk. During the Dark Ages the Lupines began to decline and the growth of Church and Norman civilization has driven the Fae into the Highlands. A number of Cainites have began to make their havens there, starting by the lowlands of Lothian – whose Baron Robert of Edinburgh was subject to Mithras.

Scotland consists of southern lowlands and northern highlands, with many islands, especially on the rugged west coast. The highest point is Ben Nevis, at 1343 meters (approx. 4365 feet). The northern isles of Scotland experience midnight sun in the summer; owing to the isles' high latitude, the sun grazes the horizon but does not actually set for a few days at the height of summer.

Throughout most of the year, there is an appreciable period of twilight between light and dark; combined with overcast weather, this weak light can enable stronger Kindred to extend their period of activity by as much as two hours per night. In winter and early spring, it is even possible to go out at noon on a particularly overcast day, provided that one takes reasonable precautions to avoid direct light on the skin. Since most people are thoroughly wrapped up against the weather at these times of year, a Cainite can often walk among mortals without being noticed.


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