A Scion is the main player character of the eponymous role-playing game. The children of ancient gods and goddesses of classic mythology, they serve as agents of their parents against the fierce Titans who threaten the very fabric of existence.


Scions are quite simply beings who are half-human and half-god. A god may come before the Scion's mortal parent in any number of ways: as themselves, in the guise of a mortal, by possessing a mortal's body, or as another form.

Most Scions are ignorant of their divine heritage, though a few are brought up knowing their origins. Many realize at some point something about them is different, but many are unable to figure out why they don't quite seem to fit into the ordinary world. Regardless of how they are raised, at some point in a Scion's life, their divine parent will grant them a number of gifts, called Birthrights, that allow Scions to tap into their holy potential.

A few gods, for reasons varying to a vow of chastity to simply being incapable of reproduction, must instead adopt their Scions from among other gods' children. The true parent must either be willing to turn over their child to another god or must disinherit them completely; Scions cannot simply be stolen away from another. Once the Scion is formally adopted by their new patron, they may also inherit abilities that reflect their new parent's powers.

Pure mortals without any divine parent cannot be turned into Scions, as the ichor needed to exist in an immortal state is not present and cannot be introduced to them without killing them.


All Scions have two major powers they rely on, the innate Epic Attributes reflecting their innate talents over mere mortals, and Purviews, the special powers that allow gods to control the forces of nature. In addition, the Birthrights granted by their parents are tools more potent and resolute than any earthly counterpart, and can grant additional abilities in combat or gameplay.


The power of a Scion is reflected in their Legend. The more Legend a Scion has, the more their power increases and the closer they are to attaining full blown godhood. At a Legend rating of 5, the Scion is now considered a demigod and receives a burst of ichor that transforms their frail human bodies into something more powerful and adds considerable power to their existing abilities.

At a Legend rating of 9, the Scion's earthly form falls away as their being becomes composed of full ichor, granting them even more power and strength, and making them incapable of being injured by anything earthly while in immortal form; only divine or mystical tools, devices, and weapons have a chance of directly hurting them. A number of existing gods originally started out as Scions, and have since reached this level of power, or even greater.