Authors: Eric Brennan, Jesse Heinig, Jack Norris, Dean Shomshak and Christina Stiles
Developer: Dean Shomshak
Editor: Carl Bowen
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Production Manager: matt milberger
Art Direction: Brian Glass, matt milberger
Book Design: matt milberger, Jessica Mullins
Layout: Jessica Mullins
Cover Art: Trevor Claxton
Artists: Oliver Diaz, Tom Garden, Jakub Kaspur, Jeff Laubenstein, Jake Masbruch, Marco Nelor, Justin Norman, Ryan Pancoast, Chris Pritchard, Tony Shasteen and Cory Turner
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: January 21, 2009
Pages: 242
Year: 2009
Publication #: WW 75008
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-448-4
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: $29.99
PDF: $17.99

Scion: Ragnarök is the fourth book in the Scion gameline. It features the mythological Ragnarök in the realm of Scion, presenting it as an apocalyptic scenario for Scion players.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

The End Is Nigh!
Fimbulwinter has come. The wolf Fenrir runs free, and the serpent Jörmungandr has loosed Midgard from his coils. The twilight of the Gods has begun, and only the Scions of the Aesir can salvage some good from the conflagration to come. Will your character survive the final battle of order versus chaos, or will the forces of the Wyrd consign him to death with the bulk of the Norse gods?
An Apocalyptic Campaign for Scion™ featuring:
  • A complete overview of the Norse myth cycle
  • Monsters and adversaries based on Norse myth for use in any Scion game
  • Full stats for major and minor members of the Aesir
  • A series of three adventures designed to take characters from hero to God as the events of Ragnarök play out.

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Chapter One: Courage and Doom Edit

Chapter Two: Runes of Wisdom Edit

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Chapter Five: Creatures of the Nine Worlds Edit

Chapter Six: The Ragnarök Saga Edit

Chapter Seven: Highway to Hel Edit

Chapter Eight: Twilight of the Gods Edit

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