Scion: Hero is the first book in the Scion gameline. It establishes the Scion universe and includes guidelines for creating Scions, the divine offspring of gods and goddesses, rules for combat and gameplay, and suggestions and campaigns for Storytellers.

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From the White Wolf catalog:

Find your Destiny
The savage Titans have escaped their eternal prison to wage war with the Gods once more.
Their battles in the Overworld have spilled over to ours.
Armed with abilities and weapons granted by their divine parents, the Scions stand as humanity’s only defense.
This book includes:
Six ready–to–play Scions - the offspring of the Gods
Rules to create your own Scion from one of more than 50 gods from six different pantheons
The adventure, “The Long Road to Heaven,” using the Storytelling Adventure System

Book One - Player Edit

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Chapter One: Pantheon Edit

Describes the history and gods of the six major pantheons of Scion: the Pesedjet, the Dodekatheon, the Aesir, the Atzlanti, the Amatsukami, and the Loa.

Chapter Two: Hero Edit

Chapter Three: Traits Edit

Chapter Four: Epic Attributes and Knacks Edit

Chapter Five: Boons and Birthrights Edit

Chapter Six: Rules Edit

Chapter Seven: Combat Edit

Chapter Eight: Advancement Edit

Book Two - Storyteller Edit

Chapter Nine: Epic Storytelling Edit

Chapter Ten: Fate Edit

Chapter Eleven: The Heroic Saga Edit

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Characters Edit

Horace Farrow
Scion of Horus.
Donnie Rhodes
Scion of Aphrodite.
Eric Donner
Scion of Thor.
Aaron Tigrillo
Scion of Tezcatlipoca.
Yukiko Kuromizu
Scion of Susano-o.
Brigitte De La Croix
Scion of Baron Samedi.

References Edit

Epic Attribute, Knack, Pantheon, Purview

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