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Scion: Demigod is the second book in the Scion gameline. It continues the Scion universe, including details on how heroic Scions can grow into powerful demigod Scions, and expands the Scion universe by detailing the mythical Underworlds.

It requires SCI: Scion: Hero Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print! to play.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Live the Myth
While the Overworld War rages in the heavens between Gods and Titans, the duty of protecting the World from the legions of titanspawn falls to the Scions.
The longer the struggle continues, the mightier the threats that confront the Scions, who’ve gone from fighting simple cultists, thralls and nemeans to fending off assaults by jotun, dragons and colossi. Even the mightiest hero would be hard pressed to survive the dangers the Scions now face.
Unfortunately for the titanspawn, they now face more than mere heroes. They face demigods.
This book includes:
Six ready–to–play demigod Scions, updated from Scion: Hero
Rules to take Scion characters to the next level of their development, demigodhood
The adventure, “The Ragnarök Gambit,” using the Storytelling Adventure System

Book One - Player

Chapter One: Demigod

Rules and tips for upgrading heroic Scions to demigod Scions, as well as upgraded templates for the Signature characters.

Chapter Two: Epic Attributes and Knacks

New and upgraded Knacks for Scions at the demigod level to choose from.

Chapter Three: Divine Boons

The four, five, six, and seven-dot levels of general, special, and pantheon-specific Purviews.

Book Two - Storyteller

Chapter Four: Unknown Lands

A detailed explanation of the fragmented nature of the Underworld, how it touches the living world, and how it operates under multi-pantheon control. Also introduces the long-lost Antarctica-based realm of Atlantis and their most-probably dead Atlantean pantheon.

Chapter Five: The Heroic Saga

A new campaign, "The Ragnarök Gambit", for demigod-level player characters.

Chapter Six: Antagonists

The bigger, badder enemies demigod Scions can expect to face, including the denizens of the Underworld, as well as demigod-level stats for a rival Scion Band, the Shinsengumi.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes


Horace Farrow
Scion of Horus.
Donnie Rhodes
Scion of Aphrodite.
Eric Donner
Scion of Thor.
Aaron Tigrillo
Scion of Tezcatlipoca.
Yukiko Kuromizu
Scion of Susano-o.
Brigitte De La Croix
Scion of Baron Samedi.


Atlantean, Epic Attribute, Knack, Pantheon, Purview

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