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Scion is a three-book standalone modern fantasy roleplaying game published in 2007 by White Wolf. The project was previously codenamed "Secret Project Z", and is directed by John Chambers.

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing purchased the full rights to Scion and began publishing the second edition in 2019.

As it is no longer a White Wolf product, new releases post-2012 will be covered on
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Players take the role of Scions, children of the gods who act as their parents' agents in the world of mortals. They must struggle against the Titans, the beings who opposed the gods long ago, but also against the Scions of their parent's rival gods. Scions may grow in power and eventually become gods themselves.


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The gods in the three core books of Scion are the gods of six large polytheistic pantheons found in human culture: the Pesedjet, the Dodekatheon, the Aesir, the Atzlánti, the Amatsukami, and the Loa. The pantheons and names as they currently exist represent their most well-known aspects, but each pantheon can and has appeared under different guises to different cultures throughout their history.

There are supplements that allow Players and Storytellers to also put into play other pantheons from other cultures (or make their own).

Regardless of history or outlook, each pantheon is doing their part in the war against the Titans.


Epic Attributes[]

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Epic Attributes are the powers inherent in any Scion from birth, essentially natural talents developed to a powerful extreme. Some, if not all, of a Scion's Epic Attributes will reflect their divine parentage; the children of a god of beauty will usually have at least one Epic Appearance attribute, while a warrior god's child will have Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, or both depending on their preferred fighting style.

In addition, Epic Attributes grant Scions special abilities called Knacks, further enhancing their natural talents.

Purviews & Birthrights[]

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Purviews are the exotic powers granted to Scions by their divine blood, which grant a Scion their otherworldly talents. However, inexperienced Scions can only access their purviews via a Birthright, or divine artifact, granted by their parent. As the Scion grows in experience and power, the purviews become second nature, and the Birthrights change to become useful in other ways.


Scion consists of three main books, plus several supplements. Each of the main books advances characters a step further towards godhood.

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