Scherezade's Circle is a unique Treasure of the Eshu.

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Scherezade's Circle is actually a floating Freehold rather than a true Treasure. It comes and goes as it pleases. Sometimes it will stay in a place for years or decades before disappearing for a dozen years and then reappearing halfway around the world as if it had always been there. Wherever it is, though, it changes to match the most comfortable setting of the time and locale. It has been a quaint country inn, a serene vacation lodge, a hidden faerie circle, even a posh corner apartment. The only constant is the aura of pleasure and relaxation it exudes which puts all visitors at ease. Elegbara entering it feel a great sense of history.

Aside from the normal benefits a freehold gives, the Circle has other powers which become obvious when anyone starts telling a story around the Balefire or Sacred Stone. Even the most tongue-tied and shy folk become expert storytellers and gain an automatic success on all performance or persuasion rolls related to the tale while Elegbara become positively enrapturing, gaining three additional successes on such rolls! All uses of Talecraft gain an extra success as well.

The Circle is a powerful source for harmony and unity. Anyone who tells a tale appropriate to their Kith immediately fully replenishes their Willpower as the Circle reaffirms their lineage. All Social rolls related to Friendship or Empathy are made at -2 difficulty and, finally, it becomes difficult to resort to any kind of violence within the Circle, even harsh language. (Willpower roll, difficulty 8 to do so.)

Other, rumored owners may exist but have been lost over time. Old legends say if you throw a treasure or prized possession on the fire it will reveal a vision of your fate; Sluagh blood sprinkled on the hearth will cause Ghosts to appear in the smoke; It will open a trod to anywhere in the Dreaming if appeased with a truly superb tale; and so on. Exact powers depend on Storyteller Discretion but should always keep in mind the purpose of the Circle as a place of tradition, knowledge, and peace.

Legends of the origins of the Circle say it is the spirit of the original chamber where Scherezade wove her thousand and one tales to delight the sultan. It eventually took on so much Glamour from her tales that upon her death it went searching for her. No one knows if it ever found her or one of her descendants but it is a legendary place and the one who finds it is said to have a great destiny ahead of them.

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