The Scavenger Lands are the former River Province of the Old Realm, located immediately east of the Blessed Isle. Their modern name is a reference to the many First Age artifacts in the region, which are ripe for scavenging by the bold or the foolhardy; while originally applied as an insult by the Dragon-Blooded of the Realm, it was adopted proudly by the natives of the region.

Much of the Scavenger Lands consist of plains or low hills divided by great rivers. Major cities include Nexus, Lookshy, Great Forks, Thorns, Sijan and Greyfalls.

History Edit

River Province was the breadbasket of the Old Realm, and its great rivers transported goods from across the East to the Inland Sea. Its prosperity continued under the Shogunate, even as the tombs of Solar and Lunar Exalts came to dot the landscape. It was hard hit by the Contagion and subsequent Fair Folk invasion, however, and in the aftermath the remaining cities refused to accept the authority of the Scarlet Empress. Instead, these city-states formed the Confederation of Rivers, and managed to throw off multiple attempts at Imperial invasion over the years.

The Time of Tumult Edit

Since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, different Great Houses of the Realm have looked to the Scavenger Lands for resources that will help them in the inevitable civil war that is to come. In 764, the Deathlord Mask of Winters conquered Thorns, turning the area into a vast shadowland.

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