The Scarlet Watch is a Compact focused on combating vampires. Originally founded in Europe, they later transferred most of their activities into the Americas.


The Scarlet Watch was founded during the time of the Inquisition. Nine Hunters, who had felt betrayed by the Church and the methods of the Inquisitors, came together and signed a pact in blood to watch out for one another, a blood signature that bonded them together in their common goal: Protecting their families against the supernatural, with a special focus in the threat that vampires posed.

At first, the Watch cooperated with the Church, donating large sums in order to finance training of inquisitors in the know of the supernatural. This alliance with the Malleus Maleficarum gave the Watch in turn access to higher training themself. As the vampiric threat seemed to died down, most of the families went their own ways, until they recongregated in the New World, where the vampiric threat again arose. While the descendants of the original nine had lost much knowledge of how their ancestors had hunted vampires, additional problems arose


The Watch protects the lines of the original nine families: Bogda, Kohler, Dupont, Horvath, O’Connor, Conti, Drake, Jansen and Warrick. Through the blood pact, the continued existence of the compact was ensured.


The Scarlet Watch was deeply paranoid, afraid of vampiric infiltration and their continued existence. Status within the family depended on one's pedigree: When a member was well connected and could recite their lineage back to the original nine, they were greatly respected. In contrast, members from branch families or married into the families were regarded with slight suspicion.

The Scarlet Watch maintained their alliance with the Malleus Maleficarum, aiding them politically in exchange for aid against vampires.


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