Scars are the outward manifestation of a Deviant's damaged soul. Their severity is proportionate to the power of the Deviant's Variations, which means the most powerful Remade labor under the most punishing Scars.


The Divergence results in a crack in the Deviant's soul that can never be healed. This wound emerges as one or more Scars that torment the Deviant. These Scars are hopelessly entangled with the Deviant's Variations, reflecting the costs or downsides of the powers they've gained. Enormous wings may allow the Deviant to fly, but are impossible to conceal; a Deviant burns from the inside as she throws fire from her hands; the Deviant must eat scrap metal to heal his armored skin.[1]

A Deviant's Scars may worsen over time, as they developed new powers or suffer damage to their Stability. Since Scars can also cause Instability, Deviants risk a vicious circle of Scars mounting upon Scars; this is usually the fate of Ferals. Eventually, the proliferation of Scars becomes fatal.[2]


Scars, like Variations, are measured in Magnitude of one to five dots. Multiple Variations can be entangled on one Scar, as long as they are lower in Magnitude than the scar itself. For instance, a Scar of Magnitude five can entangle one Magnitude-five Variation, two of up to Magnitude four, three up to Magnitude three, and so on.[3]

Scars determine some of the mechanical effects of their associated Variations, such as the cost for activating a Controlled Variation and what Attributes are rolled to determine effectiveness.[3] Scars are also a source of Beats, when they create complications for the Remade; some one-Magnitude Scars have no set mechanical effect except to act as a source of such complications.[4]

Scar Types

Scars are classified as Mental, Physical, or Social. A Variation that called for "Scar Finesse" to activate will use Dexterity if it's entangled with a Physical Scar, for instance.

Scars can also be Controlled, Involuntary, or Persistent.

  • Controlled: the Remade can activate the Variation on purpose, and the Scar defines the costs or consequences of doing so. (For example, a Coactive takes Health damage when she throws fireballs.)
  • Involuntary: The Variation sometimes activates on its own, and the Scar determines the trigger conditions. (For example, the Invasive's internal capacitors sometimes overload, causing him to discharge bolts of electricity from his hands.)
  • Persistent: Even when the Variation is not active, the Scar effects are felt. (For example, a Chimeric with obviously inhuman anatomy.)[3]


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