Saviors and Destroyers is a supplement for Demon: The Fallen.


A Prayer for the Faithful
Demons walk the Earth. The hide in the hearts of the tormented and the depraved, hungry for the faith of mankind. In an age of cynicism and science, they believe themselves forgotten, free to work their wiles without fear of reprisal. But there are those who recognize the signs of the infernal in the world, men and women who see the spirits of the Abyss for what they truly are and realize what must be done. For the sake of the world, they confront the fallen and return them to the Pit of Hell, no matter what the cost.

A Curse upon the Damned
Demon: Saviors and Destroyers details the origins and desperate struggles of the world's demon hunters, men and women who place their lives - and souls - on the line to pull the Earth back from the brink of ruin. Character creation guidelines included in this book present these exorcists as an optional character type for players and as a new breed of antagonist for Storytellers to use in their Demon chronicles.



Chapter One: These are the Last DaysEdit

Chapter Two: Fighting the Good FightEdit

Chapter Three: No Rest for the WickedEdit

Chapter Four: Taking up the CrossEdit

Chapter Five: All Alone in the DarkEdit




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