Savage Seas is a setting book for Exalted First Edition.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The Life of a Sailor is Jade and Glory
The seas of Creation are a great road on which the riches of a hundred nations and the Realm itself travel. Yet they are also a place of grave danger, full of pirates, reefs and alien and unpredictable spirits of the waves. Many seek their fortunes there but few survive to enjoy them.
His Death Is Blood in the Wine-Dark Sea
Savage Seas is a detailed look at the oceans and sailing technology of the world of Exalted. From the life of a merchant or pirate to ship handling and the hazards of sea travel, everything you need to run a chronicle involving or centered on sea travel is here. Savage Seas also includes descriptions and deck plans for the types of ships commonly used in the world of Exalted, from pirate catamarans to the ancient warships of the First Age.



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