Savage Attack: A Players Guide to Rage is the first strategy guide for the collectible card game Rage. This book covers the rules and cards in the Rage Basic Set, which was published by Wizards of the Coast.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A howl travels across the fields at night — the call to battle. Werewolves from all corners of the Earth leave their hidden glens to join the combat. They struggle for supremacy against the hordes of the devouring Wyrm, weird creatures from the Umbra and their own kind. With spirits their allies and claws their weapons, only one pack will win. One pack to lead the Garou in the final war of the Apocalypse...
It's time to get down and dirty like no card game has before. This is going to get ugly. You control a pack of werewolves in the fight for dominance, the struggle to rule the other Garou. Send your werewolves against other players' packs and tear them to bloody shreds. But don't just rely on claws; your warriors must vote in tribal councils, ally with spirits and equip themselves with magical fetishes. Savage Attack brings the Rage card game to life and helps you understand the magical and dangerous world of the Garou.
Savage Attack includes:
  • Strategy play and tips, with new rules recommendations;
  • A guide to the werewolves' World of Darkness;
  • A comic book and short story revealing the struggles of the Garou.


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