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Saturnine Night, from the alchemical term meaning "dark night of the soul", is the term Prometheans use to describe their existence, from creation to Mortality. During a Saturnine Night, a Promethean may attempt to earn their soul by undergoing a Pilgrimage, learning Refinements to further their Great Work, and refining the Vitriol earned by achieving milestones in special furnaces, or Athanors. If a Promethean manages to successfully achieve their goals by these and other methods, their Saturnine Night ends, and the New Dawn begins.

Stages of the Saturnine Night

Drawing from mortal Alchemists, poets, and his own experiences, an ancient student of Plumbum chronicled the twelve stages of the Saturnine Night. They are as follows;

  • 1. Calcinatio (Oxidising): The birth of the mortal that becomes the shell.
  • 2. Congelatio (Crystallisation): The development of the mortal they will one day be.
  • 3. Fixatio (Fixation): The moment a mortal comes into their own.
  • 4. Solutio (Dissolution): The mortal dies, releasing the body and leaving an empty vessel for the Pyros.
  • 5. Digestio (Dismemberment): The preparation of the human corpse.
  • 6. Distillatio (Distillation): The most precarious step of creating a Promethean, when the creator distilled some of their own Azoth into the empty corpse.
  • 7. Sublimatio (Sublimation): The newly-born Promethean selects a path that will move them along their Pilgrimage.
  • 8. Separatio (Separation): The Promethean doesn't fit in with mortals, supernaturals, and their own kind.
  • 9. Ceratio (Tentatively Affixed): The Promethean finally finds a companion on the Saturnine Night.
  • 10. Fermentatio (Fermentation): The Promethean ferments their Azoth into Vitriol.
  • 11. Multiplacatio (Multiplication): The Promethean duplicates their existence.
  • 12. Projectio (Forward Projection): The Promethean gains a New Dawn and becomes human.