Saturn is a large gas-giant planet in the outer solar system. It is linked to the Shade Realm of Time. Its planetary Incarna is Lu-Bat.

Like Jupiter, visits to the "surface" of Saturn are not really possible. Its moons, however, are host to a number of bases used by the Traditions, the Technocracy and the Marauders. The Nephandi do not have a Saturnine base comparable to Jupiter's moon Io, and the other three factions hope to keep it that way.

Titan is Saturn's largest moon, and it may have autochthonous life; at least it possesses a faint Penumbra and is defended by a spirit of potentially Incarna strength. The Dreamspeakers have attemped to communicate with this spirit with little success, and until they do no other mage has attempted to bypass it in order to investigate Titan.

The Technocracy regularly moves large numbers of troops through its base on Tethys, apparently sending them into Saturn's atmosphere. The Sons of Ether fear that they may have unlocked a Time portal and are massing an army for a devastating attack at some point in the future.

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