Sascha Rominoff is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Liam in the Kingdom of Apples.

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A serious student rather than a chaser after the paranormal, Sascha Rominoff first set out to vanished Dudleytown in order to reconcile he quest for her family history and her academic love of archaeology. What she found was beyond her wildest expectation. She believes the lake itself spoke to her during her Chrysalis and told her of her true heritage and destiny. This she keeps very quiet; her hold over some of the freehold's inhabitants is shaky enough as is without their thinking she's drunk a little too much lead-dosed lake water.

Lady Sascha has spent the past year worrying about his she is going to stay in Dudleytown when her academic career ends, and this incessant worrying is actually tainting her with more Banality than her situation would warrant. She is full of ideas about setting up an historical center or research site, but is aware of the pitfalls of each of these. In the meantime, she worries, and Banality gnaws at her.

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In her mortal seeming, Lady Sascha is six-feet tall; an attractive woman with chestnut hair that cascades down to her waist. There's Romany heritage somewhere in her face, and most would describe her as "striking" rather than classically beautiful. She often wears sweatshirts and jeans and prefers comfortable clothing to ornate dress. In her fae mien, she is not just striking but majestic; a cold fire of command shines in her eyes, and she is even taller.

Personal Edit

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Sascha thinks too much. When consciously debating her actions, she tends to over-analyze, and consequently gets herself in trouble. In non crisis situations, she waffles. When the situation does become critical, though, her natural talent for commanding emerges. The less time she spends thinking about a decisions, the firmer and the mote likely they are to be correct. As weird as it is, Graymere Glen is hers, and she will do whatever she must to defend it, whether this means stringing out her thesis for an extra year or three to buy more time at the glen, or seeding the woods with Schnorrflers to keep the curious away. Her attitude toward her so-called court is one of affectionate despair. Mostly isolated from the others of her kith and house, she finds her love of Graymere binds her more closely to the commoners she rules than to her supposed equals. She tolerates informality almost to a fault and will always listen. The final decisions are hers, though, and she is painfully aware of this.

References Edit

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