Sarah Rasheeda Ben-Fasil

Sarah Rasheeda Ben-Fasil.

Sarah Rasheeda Ben-Fasil a Homid Theurge Child of Gaia.


She was born in the Middle East, to Israeli and Egyptian kinfolk parents, shortly after the founding of Israel. She has served in the Israeli Army and trained as guerrilla. She discovered recently that an ancient Kindred named Malkav is in torpor somewhere near Jerusalem, and that his madness infects humans. This is the true cause of Jerusalem Syndrome.

Ben-Fasil would ideally like to either heal or destroy Malkav, but until then, she has been working to provide an antidote to his lunacy. Her efforts have been paying off, and leaders in the Middle East have recently been able to make treaties free of his influence.[1]


Jerusalem Syndrome is a real-life condition.


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