Sandstone is a Totem of the Nunnehi.

Overview Edit

Sandstone makes her home in arid regions such as deserts as well as near areas of fresh and salt water. The Dineh (Navajo) grind her colorful stones into fine sand to use in the elaborate and beautiful sand paintings that figure in their ceremonies depicting the various Chant Ways — among them Earth Way, Shooting Way and Blessing Way. Sand paintings absorb the evil spirits driven out in healing ceremonies. Sandstone is also useful as building material for the various pueblo tribes. Sandstone is patient and flexible; willing to participate in both the practical and spiritual affairs of those who respect her.

Traits & Taboo Edit

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Traits Edit

Sandstone's Nunnehi children gain Craft 2 (Sandpainting) and Occult 1.

Taboo (Ban) Edit

Sandstone requires her children to study the ancient rituals of their mortal tribes.

Overview Edit

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Changeling: The Dreaming Nunnehi Totems

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