The Sands of Time are a Level 5 Treasure of the Satyrs.

Overview Edit

Sands of Time

Gathered one grain at a time from the shores of the Cyclades, a band of 200 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, this sand holds special healing powers. Some satyr scholars postulate that it is actually tiny pieces of Atlantis that have washed up on the shore. As the centuries go by, the Sands become more and more rare. It takes strong Kenning abilities to find such tiny fragments.

A pinch of the Sands, blown into the face of an injured changeling, heals all wounds and illnesses. One might even suspect that time reverses to a moment when they were whole and healthy because the Sands often have a rejuvenating effect.

Unfortunately, the Sands do not remove accumulated Banality.

References Edit

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