The Sanbenito are a heretical sect within the Society of Leopold.


The Sanbenito are ex-Inquisitors who have become adherents of the beliefs of Raffaele Renzi, the founder of the "Florentine Heresy", that decided that the Society of Leopold errs in its zeal, and that their mission should be that of mercy, not of hatred. Hence, instead of trying to destroy the supernaturals, the Florentine Heretics attempt to aid them in retaining their humanity.

Depending with whom you speak, this group either does not exist or is a poison in the heart of the Inquisition. They are largely despised by both the Society and the creatures they seek to serve. A Sanbenito can operate within the Society for only so long; eventually, the conflict in interests must give. At one time or another, many Inquisitors have secretly pondered the issues raised by Renzi.


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