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San Francisco by Night is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade and Kindred of the East, detailing the city of San Francisco in the World of Darkness and the conflict between the New Promise Mandarinate and the Western Kindred.


From the White Wolf catalog:

East Meets West
Once, the jade courts of the Middle Kingdom dreamed they could invade the West in revenge for decades of colonial tyranny. Now that dream is a terrible reality as San Francisco lies at the feet of Asian vampires. The war, however, continues in the whispers and shadows of the night. San Francisco is supposedly "neutral ground" for the vampires of East and West, but how long can that false peace last?
Invasion California
San Francisco by Night is the first crossover city sourcebook for Kindred of the East and Vampire: The Masquerade. Covered in full detail are San Francisco's history and geography, along with the city's major undead players and their nocturnal agendas. More importantly, the book bridges the two game lines, giving Storytellers and players enough information and story ideas to run any style of chronicle.


Prologue: Night Moves

Introductory fiction

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Interesting Times

Chapter Three: Utopia Lost

Chapter Four: San Francisco Nights

Chapter Five: Honored Shen

Chapter Six: Storytelling San Francisco

Background Information




  • Jiejie Li, Bone Flower ancestor, leader of the New Promise Mandarinate
  • Chiu Bao, Devil Tiger, Li's right-hand man and military commander.
  • The Cloud Mandarins:
  • Fu Peng, Resplendent Crane, Minister of the East
  • Jochen Van Nuys, Ventrue, Minister of the West and former Prince of San Francisco
  • The Foreigner-Vanquishing Crusaders:
    • Maximum Sun, Resplendent Crane
    • Fei Chian, Resplendent Crane
  • Wan Zhu, Tremere, childe of Oliver Thrace
  • Kim Jisun, Devil Tiger, leader of the Green Tigers wu
  • Hino Yorinaga, Resplendent Crane, leader of the Floating World uji
  • Sakurai Mitsumune, Thousand Whispers, Lord Hino's spymaster and advisor
  • Grandmother Mushin, Bone Flower ancestor
  • The kanbujian:
    • Yulan-Tao, Thousand Whispers, a corpse jumper masquerading as a Kindred Caitiff
    • William Wei, leader of the Heaven Promise Society
  • Hollow City wu of akuma:
    • Chan Te, leader of the Hollow City
    • Johnny Ma, member of the Hollow City
    • Tjun Tjun Afiff, penangallan member of the Hollow City
    • Peter Kwan, Ventrue antitribu, member of the Hollow City


Sabbat, Anarchs, and Others

  • Consuela Martinez, Lasombra, leader of the Killing Spree pack
    • Carlos Griffouliere, Lasombra, soon-to-be-defector from the Killing Spree
  • Scarlet Carson O'Toole, City Gangrel, member of the Misery Lords pack
  • Madam Xiu Ping, Shih demon hunter
  • Father Li T'ien, mage and longtime leader of San Francisco's Chinatown



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