Samat Ramal, also known as Ra, is a Follower of Set who has turned away from his clan to serve the Camarilla as an Archon.


Some vampires suspect him to be a member of the Children of Osiris, although anyone who makes the mistake of calling Ramal out on this generally has a very short life.

Ramal had served the Tremere Justicar Karl Schreckt as an Archon for an unknown period of time. He is not proud of his lineage, but does not deny it either. He was present in 1993 during the affair of the False Caine in Berlin, and was vital in stopping the plan of his clanmate Nefertiti.

Since Schreckt stepped down from his post as Justicar, Ramal has pledged himself to Madame Guil, Justicar of Clan Toreador.

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