Salvador Noval is a notable crew member aboard the ghost ship Mary Anne.


Salvador was a professional seaman who first went to sea at 14. He had an unremarkable career on various Portuguese ships, until he was abandoned in Bahia, Brazil as his captain sought to reduce the wage bill and get some sort of profit from the voyage.

He drank away most of the little money he had, and died behind a drinking den, murdered for a single coin. He was reaped by the Hierarchy, which was in the process of establishing a Necropolis in the town. Trained as a Monitor to allow him to return to sea as a navigator, his first voyage, aboard the Elizabeth Galley went badly wrong, as it was captured by the Mary Anne.

During the engagement, the Mary Anne’s navigator had disappeared into a Harrowing from which she never returned, so Salvador was slapped in chains and put to work. Over the next few years he actually came to believe in the cause, and now his greatest regret — the complete failure of his life — is feeling a faint balm.

He has recently taken Trisha under his wing and is finding her enthusiasm for the cause quite invigorating.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Salvador would be almost classically good looking, if he weren’t a little pudgy. His long, black hair is tied back in a ponytail. He wears a loose white shirt and tight black trousers, with a cutlass hanging from his belt.

Salvador has become quite the buccaneer since he was granted his freedom. He often regales the crew with the battles he has been in and tells them just how much he’d like to be with them on a boarding action, trading blows with the Legionnaires. It’s such a shame that the captain insists that he stays at the helm.


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