Salianna is the Toreador Matriarch of the Parisian Courts of Love and the architect of the alliance between the Toreador of France and the Ventrue-ruled Grand Court of its capital.


When Alexander was the Prince of Paris, Salianna had sent her own childe, the beautiful Lorraine, to act as his consort. His insistence that she love him, and his foul murder of her and her lover Tristan had driven a wedge between the Grand Court and the Courts of Love that no diplomacy, no matter how skillful, had managed to remove - permanently damaging an alliance that had shown every sign of enduring for ages to come. There was considerable bitterness on all sides of the equation.

Indeed, the prince began to rule Paris in defiance of the Queens of Love, not in alliance with them as had been the intention. The Courts of Love tried Prince Alexander of Paris in absentia and in secrecy. The queens and their chamberlains agreed: ancient though he might be, he deserved no better. An advocate assigned to present the case of Prince Alexander of Paris gave his passionate closing oration. He had no chance of winning the night, of course-the entire purpose of this exercise was to find Prince Alexander unequivocally guilty of crimes against Love, crimes in breach of his treaty obligations to the Courts of Love, crimes that would justify his removal from the throne of Paris. At the end, even Queen Isouda looked pale and strained on behalf of Lorraine, childe of her rival.

Prince Alexander of Paris was condemned and exiled (meaning he fled before he was destroyed). The powerful Matriarch of the Parisian Toreador was instrumental in the exile of the former ruler of the city, but she did so with the Ventrue support from both Mithras of London and Hardestadt of the Fiefs of the Black Cross. During the Dark Ages, she was the Cainite Queen of Paris – co-ruler of the city with Prince Geoffrey du Temple, who replaced Alexander after his deposition.

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