The Kings ruled for endless ages, their ideas and beliefs changing slowly as the continents split. Afsan was different. A bright young reptile, he hatched under a cloudy sky, and was assumed to be a mystic. He showed promise for counting the stars and was sent to be trained as a skywatcher. During a long sea trip, he observed the celestial bodies closely and devised a new device to see them more clearly - the "far-seer", or telescope.

With this instrument, he concocted the idea that the planets circled the sun, rather than Gaia. He was accused of heresy by Gaia worshippers, and was blinded as punishment. The evidence of his finding became impossible to ignore, however, meaning he was vindicated within a lifetime. Afsan was single-handedly responsible for knowledge of the structure of the solar system among the Mokolé, and his invention was used until the Wonder-Work. Tragically, although the Mokolé remember this story, the humans had to relearn it all over again.


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