The Sakhmu are one of the six Dynasties of the Amenti, the Egyptian immortals most commonly known as mummies.


Those chosen by khu Tem-Akh are often already in search of some spark of the divine; their daily lives are dull, uninspired and empty, and the creative brilliance of the khu gives them the inner fire they previously lacked.

The Sakhmu serve as a link between the physical and spiritual realms, as the things they create are meant to inspire wonder and mystical revelation.

Purpose and LiabilityEdit

Like all Amenti, the Sakhmu have both a purpose, in whose service their can draw on the strength of their tem-akh, and a liability, which represents a weakness of their creation.


Shining Self: The Sakhmu get fleeting glimpses of the spiritual world at whose gate they stand, and it grants them extra insight. In game terms, the player may re-roll an Awareness check using their Balance rating instead.


The brilliant khu of the Sakhmu makes them uniquely memorable, granting a penalty to Stealth and other checks to go anonymous, unnoticed or unremarked. They are also more likely to be picked out of a crowd at "random."


Mummy: The Resurrection Dynasties


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